11 June 2019
Does social media distract you at work?

New research from Diamond Interiors has found that 1 in 5 people are distracted by social media whilst at work. Are you one of them?

The study which surveyed 1,500 people, discovered that one of the biggest distractions in the workplace was social media (shock horror), whether that is accessed from phones, tablets or even work computers. But social media isn’t the only thing to blame. The survey found that 26% said that lost productivity was down to busy or noisy office environments, while 15% blamed gossiping with their colleagues. As we look down the list, 11% said that they were distracted by dealing with personal issues and 10% said that their vice was eating snacks and getting up to make a cuppa. Well we are all guilty of snacking on a biscuit with a cuppa during the day aren’t we?

So, how can you combat social media distractions?

The best way to prevent your smartphone tempting you during the workday is to turn it off or switch it to aeroplane mode. But that’s not a practical option for most of us. Instead, try locating your phone somewhere out of sight – in a drawer, handbag or backpack, for example – but with the volume loud enough that you can hear a call or text come through in an emergency. Review your apps’ notifications settings, too: most by default will flash up on your screen whenever there’s even the slightest activity on your feed or account. Turn off some of the notifications, and there’ll be less reason for you to check your phone.

We all face distractions on a daily basis. Distractions not only lower our productivity; they also increase our stress. You probably already know what distracts you the most—phone calls, emails, selfies, texting, Internet browsing, interrupting co-workers and so on.

Here are some top tips to avoid distractions at work:

  • Turn off alerts and notifications.
  • Check e-mail periodically throughout the day.
  • Use a second monitor (to decrease window-switching time).
  • Schedule regular blocks of time to turn off your phone.
  • Try creating a “Things for Today List” at the start of your day. Focus on one task at a time.
  • Take regular breaks to help the brain to digest information.
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