31 October 2019
Do you need a mentor?

It’s not just the dreaded Winter that disengages employees across the UK. A number of factors affect the mentality of the workforce and more and more people are looking to mentors and coaches to help inspire and motivate. Ten years ago, life coaching and mentoring was a small business, but now wherever you look their services are on offer and large conferences are being held to gee up the audience to follow their dreams.

At RedBox Recruitment, we believe in finding you your dream job, but everyone can have a bad day at work. Employers are looking at connecting their employees with a mentor or leader that can help offer support and guidance. This is just another company perk on offer to help businesses stand out from the competitive market and aid employee retention. When employees know they can grow in their current company and see they are being invested in, they are more motivated, happier, and far more productive.

A mentor can help set goals to ensure the person is continually developing and reaching their maximum potential. Coaches guide them to set specific, attainable goals — all the while holding them accountable. A coach or mentor can also help the employee to build new skills. This is vital to any employee who is looking to grow and develop within their chosen career. They find a personalised plan with the tools and resources necessary to guide them to professional growth. Just like a personal trainer but in the workplace.

We all know balancing work and life can be a task in itself. When employees attain a better work-life balance, they are happier, healthier, and overall better workers. A mentor can also help support somebody outside of work providing a structured schedule to ensure the employee gets the most out of their time. Attempting to gain new skills may be time consuming, but a plan for inside and outside the office can help a person to still maintain their life.

So, the question is, do you need a mentor? A mentor can also be a member of staff at work who takes you under their wing and teaches you the way. But the support from an outside eye can help you go further than you ever imagined.

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