29 March 2017
Career over marriage – millennials reveal what they want

This comes as no surprise as life is not what it used to be. The generation of millennials have different opportunities and expectations than their parents. New research has revealed that millennials are prioritising financial security, home ownership and career progression over marriage and having children. If you are a millennial – is this true for you?

The recent survey of 2,017 UK adults conducted by personal training course provider, revealed that a huge 88% of British millennials have financial stability on their bucket lists.

Buying a home (82%), achieving health and fitness goals (79%) and climbing the career ladder quickly (77%) followed in second, third and fourth place respectively beating the more traditional milestones in life.

Starting a family (55%) and getting married (53%) did make the list, but were less popular among respondents.

Other life goals that millennials have on their bucket list include becoming their own boss (72%).

Travelling to a dream holiday destination was named as an ambition for 68% of Brits, while two-thirds (65%) said driving a dream car was a goal.

You can see the top to life goals for millennials below:

  1. Financial security – 88%
  2. Buying a home – 82%
  3. Achieving health and fitness goals – 79%
  4. Climbing the career ladder quickly 77%
  5. Becoming your own boss – 72%
  6. Driving a dream car – 71%
  7. Travelling to a dream holiday destination – 68%
  8. Starting a family – 55%
  9. Getting married – 53%
  10.  Live in another country – 44%

Simon Bubb, managing director of, said:

“It’s interesting to see how the traditional milestones such as getting married or having children came so far down on the list of life ambitions for those of a certain age.

“Our research shows just how many millennials are taking their futures seriously, and focussing on their own personal development first and foremost. By prioritising earning good money, career progression, and taking care of their bodies with a healthy lifestyle, it’s likely these people will look to fulfil to other milestones later in their lives.”

Is it right to be placing people into categories – Gen Y, Gen X, baby boomers, Millennial? People want to be treated with respect and dignity despite their age and date of birth. The success of an individual comes down to their personal drivers and what motivates them. So, we ask you, what is your life goal?

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