18 October 2017
Can travelling help your career?

Don’t let the fear of having gaps on your CV put you off from travelling the world. It is more than just a holiday. It not only enriches your outlook on life, but allows you to experience things that many may not have the opportunity to. Travelling to a foreign country not only puts you out of your comfort zone, but lets you see first hand how other people live and work.

The majority of people believe that travelling can enhance your career prospects as well as helps you manage budgets, experience living away from home and being in direct contact with other languages and cultures that will have a positive effect on you. A survey conducted by RealGap discovered that 74% of students believed that travelling will benefit their job applications, compared to 79% who had actually booked or travelled. Many who took part in the survey stated they felt more confident in themselves and independent since travelling, thus allowing them to decide upon their chosen career and go full steam ahead.

What can you gain from travel or volunteer experiences?

  • Independance
  • Culture awareness
  • An opportunity to learn another language
  • Discover what is important to you
  • Learn to budget
  • Expand your network
  • Heighten your self confidence

It’s not only students who feel travelling is beneficial to a young person, but teachers and lecturers too. 93% of lecturers believe that travelling or volunteer experience helps a candidates CV stand out and improves their chances of getting an interview.

But what do employers think? The survey found that 83% of employers agree that travel adventure or volunteer experience helps graduates CV’s standout and improves their chances of being asked in for an interview. Good news! With this in mind, be sure to update your CV with any travel experiences you may have been on. As always, be sure to make it relevant to the job you are applying for. It doesn’t have to be foreign travel, it can be helping out in your local community of volunteering at local events. It will provide you with something to talk to potential employers about and highlight what you have learnt from your experiences showing culture awareness and overall loveliness about yourself.


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