27 September 2016
Calling all women! Do you have this job title?

Do you know if you are truly happy at work? Apparently, the women who hold the below job titles are, but is it true? Female employees with job titles of Senior Program Manager, Senior Product Manager or HR Manager are reported to have the highest levels of happiness according to the latest report from Fairygodboss. The list was comprised of data from self-reported job reviews, where women review the workplace and report information such as job satisfaction.

Georgene Huang, CEO and Co-Founder of Fairygodboss, explains “At Fairygodboss, we are obsessed with understanding how women feel about their work and jobs. We have been collecting job satisfaction information from every member of our community for over a year, and just a few days ago, we analyzed that data for patterns across job titles. What we found were that certain job titles correlated to higher levels of job satisfaction at work.”

To qualify for the list, at least thirty women had to report identical job titles, Forbes reports.

It was discovered that the more responsibility you have, thus the senior job title does not mean you are satisfied with your role. Huang explained this may be due to the stress that comes with the job and the pressures of this. Intern came in at number 4 and this could be because of how much the person is exposed to the workload and the politics that can be found within companies.

“Things don’t simply get better over time, even if you get paid more or get a more prestigious title. This could be due to many factors such as higher expectations, workload, the stress of additional responsibility, greater exposure to office politics or simply a more experienced perspective. Moreover, for women in particular, the road to the top can feel quite isolated, as very few women occupy the highest levels of company management.”

The top 20 happiest job titles are:

1. Senior Program Manager

2. Senior Product Manager

3. Sales Representative/ Senior Marketing Manager/Head Teacher

4. Intern

5. HR Manager/Recruiter

6. Managing Director

7. AVP/Program Coordinator

8. Senior Analyst

9. Specialist

10. Finance Manager

11. Operations Manager

12. Associate Attorney/Administrator/Project Coordinator

13. Editor

14. Executive Director

15. Producer/Senior Associate

16. Senior Manager

17. Assistant Director

18. Vice President

19. Attorney

20. Business Manager

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