9 May 2016
Boys vs Girls: Who lies the most on their CV?

Liar, liar pants on fire! There has always been friendly competition when it comes to boys vs girls so when it comes to who lies most on their CVs, who trumps the number one spot?

Candidates are known for telling the odd lie during the interview process whether that is on paper or face to face. According to research by Recruitment app, Job Today, over a third of Brits (38%) have told a CV lie at least once, and one in four (24%) admit to doing it regularly. The research found that more men lie than women. Are you surprised?

To thirds of women (66%) say they have never lied on a CV because it’s ‘too risky’. However, 42% of men admit telling lies with over half showing no remorse or guilt (22%). Could this have something to do with genetics? London employers receive the largest handful of deceitful CVs where as the most honest people apparently live in Scotland with a whopping 74% stating they have never lied on their CV. The research also discovers that the higher earning roles receive the largest number of lies on the CVs. Is this because of the competition to get the top spot?

Including false information in a job application is considered fraud. Lying on your CV could cost you the job in the long run, either when the employer realizes you are unable to carry out the role sufficiently, or when they find out the truth about your supposed qualifications. In severe cases, where a qualification is required to legally carry out a job, legal action could also be taken against you.

As the saying goes, is it as good as the paper it’s written on? Recruitment consultants can tell immediately when someone is lying due to their answers or body language. We have enough experience to know when Pinocchio is sat opposite us. RedBox Recruitment advises you to be honest when writing your CV as it could come round and bite you on the behind. Always be confident when writing a CV, but don’t over exaggerate on your achievements or position as if you are called upon to do the said thing, you will look like a fool if you can’t. See our top tips on how to write an awesome CV here.

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