6 November 2015
Booming Job Market?

In its latest Report on Jobs, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) found that almost three-quarters of UK employers believe economic conditions are improving and that 86% of hirers plan to add permanent headcount over the next quarter. 79% plan to do so in the medium term, while eight in ten hirers are using agency workers to gain short-term access to key strategic skills.

The REC also found that confidence in UK recruitment remains high. It says recruitment agencies had a net satisfaction rating of 93% in July 2015 illustrating just how well they are performing amidst the pressure of heightened demand. In addition, the REC reported that 89% of hirers are satisfied with the quality of candidates being presented.

The regular monthly survey of 600 employers also found that:

  • Forty-four per cent of hirers said that they expect confidence in hiring and investment decisions to get better.
  • Almost half (48 per cent) have moved at least one temporary worker to permanent status in the last three months.
  • Three in four (73 per cent) use agency workers to provide ‘key strategic skills’.
  • Over the next year, employers expect to see a shortage of workers with professional and managerial skills, technical and engineering skills, and driving and distribution skills for both permanent and temporary roles.


REC chief executive Kevin Green says “Employers are consistently telling us about the importance of temporary workers, especially in areas where there are skills shortages. People with managerial experience are especially in demand, and this points to the need within many businesses to implement changes in order to boost productivity.

“More generally we are seeing employers shift their focus away from hiring new staff in order to concentrate on getting the most out of the people they already have. This is good news for workers who should see more training opportunities and incentives being offered, potentially including increases in pay.”

There’s no doubt that financially the UK is in better shape recently. In the first quarter of 2015 the UK economy grew by 0.3%, industrial output increased significantly and the jobless total fell to a seven-year low; all positive markers for industry and especially for the job market. Let’s just hope that things continue to rise in the right direction.

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