10 April 2018
Bite size chunks – another day, another job

Are you willing to cut up your bosses food and take self defense lessons?

An interesting job advert has appeared on an online temporary staff platform,Staff Heroes, looking for a PA with some unusual requirements, but offering a salary of a staggering £75,000. For that amount of money, we don’t think it will be a hard job to fill. According to Payscale the average PA salary in the UK is £25,003 per year, so this role, despite it’s added extras are paying above and beyond for the right candidate.

Laurent Gibb, Co-Founder and CEO of Staff Heroes, said that despite the strange requirements, the role could turn out to be somebody’s dream job.

“This certainly isn’t like any other PA job we’ve seen advertised on the site before; it’s obviously for a very busy man, who is looking for someone highly skilled and experienced,” she said. “They know what they want in a PA and even though it’s a little out there and not the typical personal assistant job role, they are willing to offer a number of perks and a very handsome salary to the right person.

“I think this could be the best PA job in the world!”

The successful candidate is required to be on call 24/7 and work 6 days a week – ‘roughly 50 hours a week however this can change depending on the client’s schedule’. They will be expected to do general personal assistant jobs, such as diary bookings, food shop ordering and dry cleaning pick ups. Despite the long hours, there are many perks to working. They will be required to run daily errands in either a Lamborghini and Rolls Royce (the clients car), and must to be comfortable with flying as they will be expected to stay regularly in the Caribbean. CARIBBEAN!? We could think of worse places to have to stay on a regular basis.

If this sounds like your dream job, you must be comfortable with cutting up  lunch and dinner for him when not out in public as well as be able to defend yourself (in case someone tries to steal the dinner maybe?!) Defense classes will be paid for if required.

What are you waiting for…?



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