25 September 2017
The best town to work in the UK revealed

Drum roll, please…


Yes, that’s correct. A town that first received prominence thanks to David Brent, Slough has been named as the best town in the country for jobs. A survey by job site Glassdoor found the Berkshire town, located on the M4 tech hub corridor, came first for work, the cost of living and employee satisfaction.

Its research showed Slough’s median salaries are £35,000, the town has more than 26,000 vacancies and the median price of a house is £390,000. The town was given a score of 4.2 out of five by employees working there and has come top of a ranking of the 25 best UK towns to work in.

It beat Manchester, which came second, and Cambridge, which entered the third spot.

Dr Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s Chief Economist, commented that Slough is in a part of the country which offers “pleasant environments” meaning “an increased quality of life for employees”.

“The UK’s M4 corridor remains Britain’s global tech backbone, with companies such as Oracle, Cisco and Microsoft all along this route,” he continues. “Towns and cities around this area offer pleasant environments, above average salaries and a lower cost of living, meaning an increased quality of life for employees.”

Surprisingly, London did not make it to the top 25. “Although people in London are generally satisfied, it has proven not only to be an expensive place to live, but also an ultra-competitive city in which to find a job,” Chamberlain adds.

Nancy Lalor from the Slough Chamber of Commerce said she is not surprised by the study: “We’ve got so many head offices that are based in Slough, so many ‘corporates’, and an amazing trading estate with over 350 businesses on it, so I think it’s really on the up.

“There’s so much new build, so much development going on in the town, every few months the whole look of the town is changing and I think people are inspired by what’s going on.”

Who would have thought it? David Brent was right.

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