25 October 2019
How do you balance a part-time job whilst studying?

There are many benefits to working part-time whilst studying from gaining experience as well as contacts in your chosen career. If your part-time job has nothing to do with your career path and is merely an income generator, think about the positive skills you may be gaining from time management to customer service. When we say students, we don’t just mean those under the age of 25. Some people decide to study later on in life and part-time work is a great way to supplement any loss of income from a full-time wage and provide relevant experience for the CV.

Before you consider taking on the commitment of the part-time job, make sure it doesn’t interfere with your studies. The last thing you want to achieve from earning extra pennies is to fall behind with course work and miss deadlines. Ask yourself why do you want the job? This will certainly be a question that will be asked during an interview. Yes, this may be a part-time job but employers still want staff who are committed and who they can rely on. Consider if this job is to make money to contribute to your student life or is it to gain practical experience for your future career. Think about a job that will benefit your studies and future en devours.

Around this time of year as we head into Christmas, retailers are looking for temporary staff. This is the same as the summer months. A Christmas temp job may be ideal for you. If you haven’t already started looking then we suggest you get out there now! Employers may still be on the look out for staff, some may have already been let down by previous members who can no longer commit to the hours. Jobs of this nature come with unsociable hours and shift work. Make sure you check these out and know that you can still balance both studies and social life aside.

Despite the title, temporary or part-time jobs can often lead to future employment. Keep this in mind when you consider how long you want the job for. Is this something you want to continue to go back to during other holiday seasons or is this a one-off whilst you venture home for the Christmas break?┬áSome universities advise that students spend no more than 15 hours a week in employment to ensure that their work isn’t affected. Taking the initiative to source experience and skills can help you stand out from the crowd of applicants when you graduate.

You may want to consider how long it takes to travel to your chosen place of work and how much this mounts up to. If this is a short walk from either home or university then great, but if you have to catch a bus or spend money traveling to and from or even paying for parking at the workplace, then you need to take this into account. It may be a small fee each day, but over a period of time this will eat into your wages.

If you have already decided upon a part-time job, then make sure you schedule in time for both work and studying in advance. If you have a clear idea of deadlines, shifts along with social activities, you will begin to see if this over laps. Explain to your employer about your situation and make sure they understand your situation. If you are upfront at the beginning then this will reduce problems down the line.

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