18 October 2017
Are you unhappy in your career?

New research has found that 1 in 5 adults are unhappy in their careers

It may be the time of year. Dark evenings and miserable grey weather is upon us. Autumn is officially here. Your summer holiday seems like a long distant memory, you are in full swing at work with little to look forward to despite Christmas decorations appearing in shops and an array of knitted jumpers filling the racks.

New research found that 1 in 5 (19%) are unhappy in their careers. The survey conducted by UK Power, asked the public what aspects of their lives they are most unhappy with. The results found that a quarter of those who participated are unhappy in their current job. Are you one of them? More men than women are dissatisfied with their careers with 22% of men admitting to it, compared to 16% of women.

Nick Heath, Head of Insight at UK Power said “We were interested to see which parts of their life people would most like to switch, and were surprised to see so many wishing they could change careers. Having the resources available to help make informed decisions about changing any aspect of your life, however big or small, can be the difference between being unhappy, and having something to smile about.”

The research also discovered with cities people are least happiest in their jobs:

  1. Belfast (55%)
  2. Bristol (34%)
  3. London (34%)
  4. Nottingham (29%)
  5. Liverpool (28%)

The five top reasons for people sticking to their current job, despite being unhappy were:

  1. Lack of finances available to support a career change (39%)
  2. Feeling like there is no better alternative (31%)
  3. Being scared they will regret their decision (26%)
  4. Feeling like they are a failure (24%)
  5. Too invested in their current career (12%)

Despite the reasons above, life is too short to be miserable at work. Your job takes up the majority of the week, and a poor attitude due to being unhappy with your job can lead to poor work production thus making you more miserable with limited achievements and targets met. If the reasons you are unhappy can be solved with a conversation to a senior member of staff to air your views and concerns,now is the time to act. If the problems stretch far beyond a chat, then it may be time to start looking for your dream job today.

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