14 June 2019
How do you find a new job when you are in a job?

How do you find a new job when you are in a job? Now that’s a question!

It is always advised to not quit your job until you have something else lined up, especially when you have those dreaded monthly bills to pay plus the new pair of shoes you must purchase as they scream out your name when you walk by; no just me?

When you have decided to spread your wings and fly from your current nest, you must undertake a secret ninja lifestyle. The last thing you want is to be caught scrolling through a jobs website or have your sent emails monitored for those higher up to see a list of job applications you’ve sent off during working hours. On occasion, if a company or boss gets wind that you want to leave, they may find a reason to ‘let you go’ as you are no longer seen as loyal and not to be giving 100% to the business objectives.

The good thing about job hunting whilst employed is the network you’re in. You can find out about jobs that are coming up as people talk – if you’re not working you’re out of sight and out of mind. Internal recruiting is big on companies agendas so you may find an opening to another department that may take your fancy.

You are also seen as more attractive to employers if you are currently employed.  It gives them the confidence that you are a good hire if you have a job over someone who is unemployed and has been for a while. At least if you struggle finding the right position for your next career move, you still have your current job to fall back on.

Karen Hiles, Managing Director of RedBox Recruitment explains, “You’re in a greater position to make demands and get what you want. Without a job, this leverage goes out the window. If you are not seen as desperate for the new job, you can negotiate the terms of employment.”

Here’s a list of dos’ and don’t when searching for a job when you already have one:

  • Remain employed- don’t hand in your notice until your have secured a new position.
  • Be careful who you tell – the last thing you want to do is become the subject of office gossip and have your boss kick you out the door before you have the chance to grab your favourite mug and your half dead plant on your desk.
  • Make sure your Linkedin profile is up to date- professional networks are the number one spot for new employers to find you. Be sure to have all of your recent experience on there along with recommendations for each role you’ve had.
  • Never bad mouth your current employer- stay professional at all times and have a solid reason to be leaving your current position when asked in an interview.
  • Let the recruitment companies / potential employers know that your job search should be kept confidential – again for obvious reasons.
  • Don’t use your fellow work friends as references as they could be contacted when you apply for a job – that will be an awkward hole to dig yourself out of.
  • Try to schedule interviews during non-working hours – it will be very obvious to everyone you work with if you start having random doctor appointments or sick days out of the blue.
  • Stay focused on your current job responsibilities- if you start slacking or not completing work on time then this will raise unwanted questions.
  • Don’t use your company computer or phone- most companies monitor your activity and as said before you need to be an undercover ninja!
  • Avoid posting anything job-related on social media- like with all social media posts, be careful on what you post and who can see it.
  • Finally, be honest if confronted by a supervisor or manager- this may be the opportunity you needed to raise your concerns and may resolve the problems you had which were forcing you to look elsewhere in the first place.

So what have we learnt from this? You must be a silent secret ninja who talks to the right people in confidence and is alert at all times! Yes. If you are looking to explore new opportunities then please contact RedBox Recruitment in confidence to discuss you next career move. We would be delighted to chat with you and find out what job you would like to do next.


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