5 February 2018
Are these buzzwords on your CV?

It is a busy time for us recruiters. The New Year has seen a surge of applicants looking for a new career or a new challenge to get their teeth into in 2018. However, there may be something holding you back and that is ‘experience’. LinkedIn have revealed the top ten buzzwords and you may recognise some from your own profile or CV. According to LinkedIn, ‘expeirence’ or ‘experienced’ is the most overused buzzword by the platform’s millions of users in the UK. Experienced also beat the top spot from previously overused words such as motivated and leadership – this one in particular seeing a growing trend over the past few years.

Also in the top 10 are “specialise” and “passionate” as well as “creative and skilled”. Here’s what made the list:


Professor of sociolinguistics at the University of Reading, Rodney Jones, says there has been a gradual shift to more verifiable skills in the UK, while the rest of the world has made a more obvious move towards using words indicating abilities. Jone commented: “We could assume from this that British employers still value personal attributes very highly.”

This shift to highlighting more “provable skills” could be down to the rise of freelance work, he noted.

“If a company is looking to hire someone for two weeks who will turn up on time and get the job done well, that could be increasingly more important than looking for a good personality fit who will stay on at the company for many years,” he said.

It is always good to stand out from the crowd when it comes to advertising your skills. Be clear and concise about your achievements, but include a touch of personality in it. There’s tonnes of advice out there to help improve your CV. It may be time to give it an overhaul before applying for new jobs.


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