7 March 2019
Apprenticeships over degrees for Brits

Research from CV-Library has discovered that a whopping 74% of Brits would prefer to do an apprenticeship over studying for a degree at university. 

The survey found that over half of those polled ( 1,200 UK workers) believe that apprenticeships are better for a person’s career path over traditional further education route. Do you agree?  93% of those asked believe that an apprenticeship can provide a person with all of the necessary skills that they need to succeed in their chosen career path.

Founder and CEO of CV-Library Lee Biggins comments:

“It’s not overly surprising that the public feels so strongly about the benefits of apprenticeships, Not only do they provide workers with qualifications, skills and industry knowledge, they also give individuals fantastic experience, so that they’re ready to contribute to your company right away!”

Whilst 76% of Brits don’t currently have an apprenticeship as further education is heavily promoted whilst still in school, over a quarter would like to see more businesses promoting such schemes at career fairs and such alike. 30% of respondents believe that more information should be provided to students in education.

Top 5 cities where apprenticeships are preferred over degrees:

1. Aberdeen, Cardiff, Lincoln – 95%

2. Liverpool – 93.3%

3. Glasgow – 88.9%

4. Cambridge – 87.5%

5. Leeds – 86.7%

“My advice to companies would be to seriously consider more applicants who have done an apprenticeship and to create more opportunities for them within your own firm,” added Biggins. “These schemes, as proved by the data, could help to bridge the skills gap, aid the economy and play a vital role in training a worker with specific and relevant knowledge of the sector,” Lee Biggins concluded.

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