19 July 2019
How to address gaps on your CV

It is common for gaps to appear on your CV from time to time. Have you recently graduated and gone off travelling? Did you leave a job with nothing else to go to? Whatever the reason for the gap, you can still remain professional and have a stand-out CV.  Knowing how to address these empty spaces on your CV will help you to overcome any interview questions.

Be Resourceful

Depending on the length of your career gap, you may be able to include the years of employment service rather than the months. This will disguise any small gaps. However, you don’t want to lie to a potential employer if they notice a gap.

Be Prepared

If your gap is recent and you are applying for a new position, the gap will most likely be raised during an interview. A gap found previously in a CV from years back may not be an obvious issue to a new employer. You will need to think ahead and prepare a response to the question. We recommend that if you have been out of your chosen industry for a while, be sure to do some research to see what’s happening in the current market to ensure you’re knowledgeable of recent developments in the area in which you are applying for.

Be Positive

With everything, especially in an interview situation, be sure to put a positive spin on it. By having a confident and strong answer ready will squash any doubts that may be in the interviewer’s head. Explain how the gap benefited you both personally and professionally. If the gap is down to not being able to find a job at the time, explain how you were not willing to jump into anything without consideration and were waiting on the right role in the right company. This will highlight to the employer that you are worth investing time into.

Gaps on the CV are more common than you think both for those who are starting out in their careers or have been in the game for many years. Employers are also aware of career gaps and how things pan out so don’t be afraid to be honest, but positive on how it has got you to where you are today. As long as you are prepared with your response and don’t get lost in your own web of lies and tales then you will be just fine.

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