24 May 2019
7 top tips for a productive day at work

It’s all about how you organise your time.

If you’re tired of seeing your to-do list getting longer no matter how many hours you put in, it’s time to learn how to have a more productive day at work. You may be tempted to increase your productivity by simply working more hours. But working harder will leave you feeling burnt out. That won’t result in greater productivity. Use our 7 top tips so you can work smarter, not harder:

1. Create a Good Morning Routine

One of the best ways to start your day is to get up early and eat a healthy breakfast. As soon as you wake up in the morning, get up. Studies show that the first two hours of your working day are the most productive, so get productive fast!

2. Prioritise

Sometimes we can’t have a productive day because we just don’t know where to start. When that’s the case, the most simple solution is to list everything you need to get accomplished, then prioritise these tasks based on importance and urgency.

3. Focus, focus, focus

One of the biggest killers of productivity is distractions. Every time you get interrupted, it takes around 25 minutes to recover your concentration. So avoid interruptions at all costs. Isolate yourself by wearing ear-phones, working in a meeting room, working from home or coming in early.

4. Check Email At A Designated Time

If you want to kill your productivity, checking work emails is the best way to go. This is because it contains all sorts of emails, from co-workers, clients to your manager. Although many of the emails require short replies, there are always some emails that demand attention. Before you know it, you have already spent an hour trying to figure out a reply!

5. Take Real Breaks

To keep your mind and body performing well, always ensure to take small breaks. As no one can be productive 24/7, it is important to listen to your body as a relaxed mind can help you perform better. However, keep in mind to never exceed your breaks past the 20-minute period because anything more than that would be procrastination.

6. Learn to say no

Every time you say yes to one task, you’re automatically saying no to another. Super-productive people are very good at saying no. Only do work that helps you achieve your goals, because how you allocate your time will have a huge impact on your career success and progression.

7. Set the Stage for Productivity

Is your environment set up to maximise productivity? A productive work environment is one that is clutter-free and organised, but is also personalised—it is, after all, where you may spend the majority of your waking hours, so you want it to feel comfortable.

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