6 September 2018
6 ways to promote yourself at work

No one likes a bragger – we all know that one person who loves nothing better than the sound of their own voice and talks non-stop about all the amazing things they have done or achieved. You can guarantee that when you mention something, they have beat it by doing something more amazing. However, at work, sometimes it pays to be a little big-headed. Can you brag your way up the career ladder? It can be very frustrating to see others getting quicker advancements, better pay, easier access to management and other perks, while you are left out. Yet all this could be happening simply because you don’t promote yourself at work.

Think about it—if you’re humble and keep all of your achievements on the down low, how will people know about all the great work you do? Many people quietly get on with their work and don’t receive the recognition that they deserve for their efforts. This is where self-promotion comes in; you need to show your colleagues and superiors that you work hard and that you’re an authority in your field. This way, you’ll bring attention to your skills and achievements, meaning that you’re more likely to progress. But how do you do that?

1. Circulate relevant information.

If you come across vital information that could be important to your colleagues, don’t hesitate to pass it over to them. This will help them see you as someone with their best interest at heart.

2. Be quick to volunteer.

The more you project yourself as someone who is always reliable, the easier it will be for your bosses to acknowledge how easy you make their jobs.

3. Become more innovative.

It is very common for an organisation to face a problem once in a while. You could be the one to discover the solution. Or it could just be that you happen to reveal a better method of performing a standard task.

4. Compliment your colleagues.

Be a positive figure in your work highlighting others good work and talking about them fondly during work related conversations. This attitude will establish you as a positive individual among your colleagues. It will make them start looking up to you without even realising it.

5. Speak up.

Express your opinions when they are relevant. If you are right, it will be noted that you were the one that made the much-needed helpful suggestion.

6. Expand your knowledge.

Get more skills which will be relevant in your organisation. Go for more knowledge that will help you conduct your job better. This will show how you are striving forwards and continually developing yourself.

All of this might take a little time and practice, but once you get the hang of things, you’ll soon reap the benefits.


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