12 December 2019
5 ways to spread Christmas cheer at work

Are you working this Christmas period? Unfortunately, not all organisations shut down for Christmas. People are still required to complete tasks whilst the rest of the world is sat in their onesies watching Christmas films and eating leftover turkey sandwiches.

If this applies to you then here are 5 tips to keep the Christmas spirit alive in the workplace:

  1. Play Christmas songs

It’s not like you can avoid hearing the cries of Mariah Carey as she sings ‘All I want for Christmas is you’. The radio will be playing back to back Christmas bangers over the Christmas period and what better way to get in the mood than to sing along to the classics. It will not only make you feel happier, but you may discover you have a hidden talent and should audition for the next X-Factor (or so you think).

  1. Get involved with Secret Santa

Christmas is the time for giving. If your employers haven’t suggested the idea of Secret Santa then why don’t you? You can set a little budget of £5 and see who can source the most inventive gift for their chosen person. Spread a little Christmas joy with a silly mug or pair of socks. This may brighten up someone’s day, especially if it is Christmas day.

  1. Take advantage of flexible hours and bonuses

For many companies, the Christmas period opens the door to flexible hours and shifts. Make sure you still have the time to get your Christmas shopping done before Christmas Eve. Depending on the hours you work, you may be entitled to extra pay due to unsociable hours / overtime. Make sure you know how much you are owed. The extra pennies will definitely put a smile on your face and make January a lot easier to bear. Some companies may offer their staff a voluntary Christmas bonus following the organisations overall performance. That too can lift the spirits, not just the bank balance!

  1. Dress up or down

As companies’ wind down for the Christmas period, they may adopt the dress down code. Some may also encourage Christmas jumper or onesie day. This will certainly entertain you. If you haven’t got the funds to go out and purchase a Christmas jumper for this one-off occasion, why don’t you decorate your own?! Add some tinsel and / or lights and you’re away!

  1. Attend the Christmas party

You may not be a social bunny, but this time of year colleagues and employers are in the Christmas spirit. Join them and let your hair down on the social occasions that may arise. You may find out you have something in common and build a work friendship over a drink and a buffet. Failing that, you may have your dinner paid for!

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