3 October 2019
5 signs that you’re a bad boss

If you’re responsible for managing a group of people, you most likely have a lot on your plate each and every day. But just because you’ve been chosen to manage a team, doesn’t mean you don’t have room to improve. It is more important for you than ever to continue to learn from your experiences and that of others, because now, your team of employees are counting on you for coaching, guidance, mentorship, and advice.

It’s never nice to have to accept that you’re the problem in a situation, especially at the workplace. One disgruntled employee’s opinion is not the law, nor is a mean comment uttered behind your back. It’s tough to honestly evaluate how you’re doing as a boss, so here’s a list of signs that it’s not going great…

  1. You’re ignored

Do you find that your employees try to stay far away from you and only communicate via email? Employees who hate their boss just want them to go away, and presume that if they don’t make any contact, that the boss will disappear. It worked as a child, right?

  1. You’re disobeyed 

It takes respect to command your own team and to be the best boss you can be. Those below you have to believe in your leadership to feel confident in acting on your behalf. If you find that you have to ask numerous times before anyone will do what you say, or that you receive constant push back and undermining you before they finally give up and get on with it, then you’re not receiving the respect that you deserve as a boss.

  1. You only give negative feedback

When employees submit projects for review, or during your employee 1:1s, you spend most, if not all, of that time talking about things they can improve, mistakes they made, or behaviours they can change. Performance review discussions focus solely on improvements that need to be made, and you’re quick to point out errors or suggestions. When was the last time you praised an employee for their hard work, commitment or for making you a coffee?

  1. You’re inflexible

Your employees have to jump through multiple administrative hoops to request time off. Your team isn’t allowed to work from home which is a high priority now for most people when looking for new employment. Do your employees have to take time off to go to doctor appointments? If you can’t trust an employee to make up lost time or to work outside of the office, then why did you hire them in the first place?

  1. You don’t make time for team-building

Your team has never gone out for dinner, drinks or to an event together. Your team doesn’t celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, or holidays, and the most time you all spend together is in a meeting. This is not a good environment to develop relationships and create a happy company culture where people want to work for you and give 100% all of the time.


One of the biggest problems companies face is recruiting and retaining talented employees. The most common reason employees leave their current companies is their bosses. Respecting your employees and treating them well goes a long way to ensuring their happiness and success, your success as a manager, and the overall success of your team and the company.

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